School Holiday Clinics

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Socceroos / Basketball / Netball (5-12yrs)

This program is perfect for all budding sports stars and players looking to continue playing during the holidays. Offering quality accredited coaching and skill based principles on our indoor courts, these sports clinics are a great opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and cooperation while interacting with others in a competitive / friendly environment. All sports will be run by experienced coaches who will promote technical and tactical skill development, progressing into a formal game situation.

Crafty Kids and Young Master Chefs (6-13yrs)

This is an excellent opportunity to foster your child's creativity while having fun. Material will be provided and a snack will not be necessary as they will be preparing their own. Kids will cook and create a dish and master simple cooking techniques. This is a two part workshop where all participants will make a craft, explore their creative side and have something to take home.

Dance, Musical Theatre and Creative Workshop (7-12yrs)

This new drama program is designed for children from 7 to 12 years to improve their:

  • Listening and conversation skills
  • Dance, acting and singing skills
  • Social skills
  • Creativity and concentration
  • Confidence and self-esteem

Funky footwork, free styling and freeze! A carefully designed workshop that provides the opportunity to enhance the creativity and confidence of each child. Children will explore and acquire movement skills as they experience the dancing, drama and singing at an age appropriate level to the latest music tracks they love. Activities will develop independent skills and confidence with partner and mixed group work. There will be a creative component, so come and share this funky fun with friends.

Gymnastics/Acrobatics (5-12yrs)

This class combines both basic gymnastic movements and acrobatics. This combination not only allows students to develop their physical abilities (e.g. strength, flexibility, coordination and balance) but also enhances their confidence and cooperation skills. No experience required.

Kid's Yoga (5-12yrs)

This workshop is run by one of our experienced group fitness instructors. This class will teach students the basic skills of yoga, whilst developing balance, strength and coordination in a fun and vibrant environment. 

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