School Holiday Clinics



Hip hop & Jazz (6-12yrs)

If your child is bursting with confidence and has no way to express themselves, this class is perfect. The class provides students with the opportunity to enhance their creativity and confidence. On the day bring sass and style. 

Basketball (6-12yrs)

For all Basketball Stars looking to continue playing during the holidays. This clinic is designed to promote technical and tactical skill development, progressing into a formal game situation. No experience required. 

Masterchef (6-12yrs)

This is an excellent opportunity to foster your child’s love of cooking while having fun. Material will be provided and a snack will not be necessary as they will be preparing their own. Ingredients included, please bring a container.

Gymnastics & Acrobatics (6-12yrs)

This class combines gymnastic and acrobatic skills, allowing students to develop their physical abilities (e.g. strength flexibility, coordination and balance). No experience required. 

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