Sports Clinics

Participants are provided with instructions on developing the overall coordination, fitness, skills and knowledge required to play in particular sports.

Touch Rugby (6-12yrs)

Expressions of interest now being taken for our touch rugby clinic. Learn the skills and fundamental principles of this wonderful game, starting with the basics and moving on to full match play. This program focuses on developing the right techniques and having fun outdoors.

Basketball (7-12yrs)

Children are introduced to the game of basketball, developing skills and knowledge required to play the game. Children participate in game play in a fun and interactive environment.

Soccer (6-12yrs)

This new and exciting program is designed for children from 6 -12 years with a passion for soccer. Children will learn the basic skills of soccer in a fun and social environment and get the opportunity to experience game play with their peers.

Netball (5-12yrs)

Children develop the basics of netball including ball skills, defence, attacking and footwork. Children are able to progress to game play.

Indoor Tennis Coaching (7-12yrs)

Children will learn to play tennis while developing fitness, technique, racquet and ball skills. Participants will enjoy playing games, making new friends and having fun. Improved participants will have the opportunity to progress to the next level. Advanced students require prior approval of coach.

Inclusion 4 Life (9-16yrs)

Inclusion 4 Life is a new program that aims to raise community awareness of children with disabilities by promoting inclusive activities for both disabled and main stream children. The program is open to all children but has a strong focus on including children with a disability into mainstream community life.

Inclusion 4 Life focuses on teaching children skills in a variety of sports whilst making friends and having fun. Differing local clubs assist in the delivery of the program, so each week participants have the opportunity to experience a new activity such as netball, karate and basketball. Sessions are supervised by a qualified disability instructor and an assistant (in addition to the activity coaches) to guarantee the suitability of activities for children with disabilities.

Leisure Programs run on a term basis in line with West Australian school terms (generally 10 weeks).

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