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For those who want to be motivated by others but prefer less intimacy than personal training – look no further than our group fitness classes. Our classes provide a supportive and encouraging environment which makes exercising so enjoyable and carefree. Our timetables have been created to suit early risers, after work gym goers and those who want to visit during the day, and with such a wide variety of classes on offer we’re sure there’s a class for everyone. For more information on the types of classes we offer, as well as our timetables, see below.

For enquiries regarding our Group Fitness timetable before this time, please contact Morley Sport and Recreation directly on 9375 3529. 

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Class Descriptions

A 30 minute high intensity, full body workout designed to give maximum results in the minimum time! Ideal for fat-burning.

Using fundamental training principles, Metapwr is a power circuit class using functional equipment and exercises to work muscles and boost metabolism.

Triple 15
A high intensity workout that includes upper body, lower body, core and cardio put into a combination of three 15 minute sections.

Body Pump
A weights to music class that strengthens your entire body. This class uses a barbell to perform exercises like squats, presses, lifts & curls. Great music, awesome instructors & your choice of weight to inspire you to get the results you came for!

Functional Training
A class taught up in the Gym which strengthens, tones and conditions your whole body, heart and lungs using functional exercises and equipment. A great total body workout!

Body Balance
A class that calls upon the ancient arts of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates to builds flexibility & strength. Controlled breathing, concentration & a carefully structured series of stretches, moves & poses to music creating the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life. 

This class uses a free standing bag to perform a range of Boxing, Kickboxing and strengthening exercises to get you in shape – fast! 

Boot Camp
Our 45 minute boot camp classes are specially designed to push all of your energy systems using various formats of exercise including interval, resistance and circuit training. Boot camp will leave you stronger and fitter than ever before.

 A 75 minute intermediate class designed to balance and strengthen the body and calm the mind. This class is not recommended for pregnant ladies (please see Gentle Yoga).

Hatha Yoga
Strengthens and balances body and mind through flowing movements, static postures, controlled breathing and deep relaxation, reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing. 
Gentle Yoga
A low impact class which uses basic Yoga positions and exercises to increase strength, lower stress and improve balance and coordination. Suitable for beginners and pre & post natal and mature aged participants.

Pilates Principles - Level 1 (fee-paying term program)

Dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs with our specialised Pilates program. Pilates teaches body awareness and improves flexibility, ability and economy of motion. For every centimetre of inaccuracy, you decrease the effectiveness of a Pilates exercise by 40%. Based on this premise, instructors will have a “hands on” approach to ensure you achieve maximum results from every class.

Pilates classes are divided into three levels to cater for difference in abilities. Our 10 week Principles Level 1 course teaches the fundamentals of pilates to allow participants to progress into the ongoing Level 2 classes. Discounted course fees available to health club members.

Pilates Level 2

Dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels & performs. Pilates teaches body awareness & good posture, improving flexibility, core strength & tone. Please note: completion of the Level 1 term program (above) is required prior to attending Level 2. 

Stretch & Shape
A 45 minute class designed to specifically improve flexibility and overall tone. 

Hard Core
A 30 minute express class designed to strengthen and tone your core muscles (abs & back). Great for injury prevention. 

A hybrid workout fusing boxing, dance, cardio and pilates inspired moves into one full body workout.

Zumba Gold 
Zumba for the Over 55s. On the timetable by popular demand. So much fun you won’t notice you’re exercising! Come and dance!

A 30 minute express class designed to blitz your ab, butt and thighs and including Fitball exercises. 

Indoor cycling class with a combination of hills, sprints, and jumps with motivational music. This class will provide the ultimate fat-burning and cardiovascular workout.

Express Spin
A 30 minute indoor cycling class providing the ultimate fat-burning & cardio-vascular workout for those new to Spin or short of time. 

Living Longer Living Stronger
The Living Longer Living Stronger program encourages and supports improved health, quality of life and fitness for those over the age of 50, through supervised exercise sessions. Each participant receives a personalised program to ensure that they are training in both a safe and effective way.

Fit Y's
No matter how old you are, you are never too late to start exercising, and what better way to do it than in a class specifically designed for mature adults. Fit Y`s focuses on low impact resistance and aerobic activity to help you achieve and maintain your continued health and wellbeing.

Teen Fit (Group Training term program)
With an emphasis on fun, Teen Fit encourages physical activity for children aged 11-17yrs. Our experienced instructors use the latest music in a variety of modified group fitness classes. 

RPMTM is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It’s fun, low impact and burns loads of calories! With hill climbs, sprints and flat riding you’ll repeatedly reach your cardio peak to boost your cardio fitness.

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