About Us 

At YMCA WA our ten year vision is for communities across Western Australia to be connected, inclusive and vibrant. We want opportunities for children and young people to develop and participate wherever possible. One of our key focus areas is health and wellness, and we feel it’s important for YMCA WA to support people into healthy living and physical activity.  

We want to create communities within our health and wellness centres where people are engaged and feel safe, creating a strong sense of belonging. We also want to ensure our centres are connected with the local community, supporting local initiatives and actively listening to what’s important to them. Our centres are welcoming of all people and endeavour to support any person to live a healthier, happier life no matter their age or fitness level! 

Each centre will offer a different range of health and wellness options, however our commitment across all is the same- for communities across Western Australia to be connected, inclusive and vibrant. 

We look forward to providing you a range of fantastic services at our centre.    


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