Corporate Team Building Sessions

Are you ready for a team building exercise that really builds the strength for your team?

When it comes to team building, climbing is right at the top of the list. Through trust, encouragement, concentration and motivation, your team will achieve the ultimate goal - getting to the top! It provides a healthy and challenging alternative to sending your colleagues out to lunch. Plus we have conference and workshop facilities at the centre so you can program a business presentation with some fun, challenging activities for your team!

A team building session with us includes:

  • Equipment.
  • Use of our change room and shower facilities.
  • Staff dedicated to your team to facilitate games, motivate, inspire and to teach safety and belay procedures.
  • Use of the indoor beach volleyball courts.
  • Options for food and beverage packages.

Group size - Our centre can host groups as small as 4 or as big as 100.

Fitness - Climbing is a sport suitable for all ages, with no minimum fitness requirements. For those who feel uncomfortable with heights, there are other ways they can be included in the activities (without leaving the ground).

Remember Rock climbing is a great way to work on trust, communication, cooperation, goal setting, problem solving, leadership and good old fashion FUN. Our programs create a lot of talk around the water cooler long after the event has ended.

The Facility - Experience the thrill and challenge of rock climbing at the YMCA Perth’s indoor climbing facility. Located in the Extreme Sports Arena with our High Ropes obstacle course and indoor beach volleyball course, you are guaranteed exclusive use of the area for your team.

In addition, a private conference/meeting room, state of the art yoga/ group fitness studio, spin bikes studio, sports courts and health club access are available.

The Program - See a sample of exercises below. During this program senior staff will be able to observe their employees in situations that can likely dictate how they will perform in situations in the workplace, i.e. if there is a problem to be solved, do they lead, follow or get out of the way?

Programs are designed for people of all ages and activity levels - NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!!

All event packages are unique and tailored each time to suit each client’s needs!! Many options are available to add to any program to enhance the experience!


Team Climb- Up to 6 people are tied in to individual climbing ropes while literally “joined at the hip” (tied side by side) and must climb up the wall together for the fastest time.

Core Competence - A team is only as strong as its weakest link, so the goal is to use communication and cooperation to get to the top as a fast, cohesive unit.

Team Traverse- Team members are required to navigate a course while climbing along the bottom of the walls. They must use a series of holds on the walls and movable grids to progress to a finishing area as quickly as possible.

Core Competence - Problem solving, teamwork, end-to-end planning and “on-the-fly” strategic adjustments.

Blindfold Challenge - Same as the team climb above, except team members are all blindfolded. Team members must shout instructions to other climbers.

Core Competence - This event stresses trust, effective communication and teamwork to get the job done in the fastest time.

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