The Y and Rio Tinto FDC initiative. 

Receive $5,000 to start your own business! 

The Y and RIO Tinto have partnered up to support communities of the Pilbara Region.

Through funding from RIO Tinto; The Y is now recruiting Family Day Care Educators in the City of Karratha (Dampier, Karratha, Roebourne, Wickham and Point Sampson) and Shire of Ashburton (Pannawaonica. Paraburdoo and Tom Price). 

Educators will also be eligible to receive start up funds worth $5000 from RIO Tinto successfully start their Family Day Care Business!

The Y WA Family Day Care service supports dedicated educators to provide safe, flexible, affordable, child care and early learning programs in a supportive and stimulating home environment. Our network of expert educators are professional, qualified small business operators, working from home with the support of our team.

How do i get involved?

Please contact the the Y WA Family Resource Centre to get started on your exciting new business! 

The Y Family Resource Centre

Phone: 9752 4033 | Fax: 9752 4772

Busselton Community Resource Centre
Unit 3/21 Cammilleri Street

Mail Box
PO Box 1201
Busselton WA 6280


What are the set-up costs and ongoing fees?

Set-up costs vary from house to house, depending if there are any modifications that are required. The most common set-up costs include; putting safety film on windows under 1 metre, ensuring fences are appropriate, buying tables, chairs and resources for the children. 

Ongoing costs are the membership fee of $300 for FDC and $320 for IHCC. The educator levy is a cost that is charged to educators to ensure the service can provide support and processing to all educators. Please contact the service for this information.

Can I have pets?

Yes you can. However, the pet/s needs to have an enclosure that the children do not have access to. Dogs and cats will need to have an area where they may go to keep them and the children safe. We understand that these are your beloved animals and may be included on your daily program with the children, but they cannot be left unsupervised with the children. Birds, rabbits and guinea pigs will need a cage with something to stop the children placing their fingers in the cage. 

Do I have to have completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services?

No. As long as an educator is actively working towards their qualifications and can show progress an educator can maintain membership with the service. The educator may be asked to provide the service with a statement of attainment to show their progress.

What does the Y membership fee cover?

The Y prides itself in the high level of support given to educators by our qualified and experienced staff. Staff are always available to help with all areas of operation.

Staff are available Monday to Friday during office hours and outside these hours in case of an emergency. Playgroups are provided to educators through both face to face and via a virtual platform where educators can network.

A dedicated educator Facebook platform has been created to provide up to date information and training to educators. The service conducts face to face and virtual sessions to keep educators abreast of current trends and information.

A toy and resource library is provided to members of the Y to aid in educator’s delivery of their programs. The Y processes children’s enrolments, child care subsidy and attendance sheets sent through by educators. The service pays an educator the family’s child care subsidy and then sends an educator a parent portion to pay statement which allows an educator to see how much a family owe them for the week of care conducted.

How long does the process take before I can open my business?

On average the process takes about 6 months. This process can vary and really depends on an educator’s level of motivation to start their business. The item that usually takes the longest to complete is shire approval. Please call your shire and talk with them about their requirements and time frames. The training is self-paced and can be completed in about 6 weeks if an educator is motivated but generally takes about 3 months.

Can my partner and I work together and have more children in care?

A Family Day Care can only be approved for a maximum of 7 children with 4 of those being under kindergarten age. A service cannot have two Family Day Care educators operating at once in one building.

How often does the service visit and what happens during a support visit?

The service visits every 4 weeks to begin with and every 6 weekly thereafter. The service aims to support educators to provide the best care and environments for children as they can and provide advice and tools for educators to use in doing so. The staff support educators to ensure they are meeting and maintaining the required regulations and law in relation to caring for children in Family Day Care.

I have two grandchildren, a 6-month-old baby and a 3-year-old boy who will go to Kindy next year. Am I able to care for them in my business?

You are welcome to have your family in care however there are now regulations that state an educator must maintain over 50 percent of non-relatives in care to be compliant. This would mean that if you had your 2 grandchildren in care that you would be required to have at least 3 other children who are not related to you in care over the fortnight.

Why would I consider doing Family Day Care in my home?

Family Day Care offers educators a flexible and rewarding way to earn an income. Educators are able to explore children’s interests and interact within their community by taking children out on excursions if permission is granted by Parents. Children learn in a rich environment where they can be included in tasks such as shopping for cooking and craft experiences, gardening projects to grow vegetables for cooking, playgroups, story time at the library, intergenerational experiences and many more. Family Day Care also allows educators to have their children with them and earn an income at the same time.