Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS)

The Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) works closely with schools, families, parents, students, and community organisations to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children attend school each day. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for children in remote communities to skip school. As a result, the main goal of RSAS is to increase attendance rates in schools situated in remote areas, so all children are provided with quality education to excel in life.

RSAS share the importance of regular school attendance while working with families where children are not attending school to find out why and what can be done to help them get there. RSAS provides case management and referrals for families.

How else do we support?

We also provide practical support including:

  • driving children to school
  • provide uniforms, supplies, and stationery

RSAS also works with the community’s schools to monitor attendance, follow up on student absences, and provide in-class mentoring for students who are struggling to adapt to the mainstream classroom environment. Improved attendance and behaviour is rewarded to encourage further attendance.

Fuel2Learn and other programs

RSAS Newman engages with the students through various programs and events including Fuel2Learn, sports programs, school holiday programs, and back to school events.

In Fuel2Learn students learn about healthy eating and develop their cooking skills. Assisting with cooking school lunches and at community events, students have reported improved responsibility, confidence, and self-esteem skills. Since its introduction, Fuel2Learn has increased a selection of participating student’s attendance by 31%.

Who's Involved?

The program has an active Governance Committee with 25 members with the majority being local indigenous people which include 15 students. RSAS is providing a safe space for young people and families let their voice be heard. During Committee meetings, RSAS gathers everyone’s thoughts on issues in the Newman community related to school attendance. The Committee is a great source of knowledge and have provided valuable feedback on the program.

The Newman RSAS program has had many successes and continue to go from strength to strength. This program is one of the highest attendance % programs in the state.