YMentoring is a community-based not-for-profit mentoring program operated by YMCA WA, for youth in the metro area. We match young people with a caring adult who can act as a role model and offer support, guidance and friendship.

Who can take part in YMentoring?

YMentoring is offered to socially-isolated young people aged between 7 and 20 years. Due to program capacity and various demographic factors that influence our volunteer recruitment, we are unable to accept all referrals. Up to date information on the program’s current capacity is available by contacting our office.

Our mentors are volunteers aged 20+ who come from all walks of life with a wide variety of interests and experiences. All mentors have a common desire to make a meaningful contribution to the life of a young person and help them grow in body, mind and spirit.

Where does YMentoring take place?

YMentoring occurs across the Perth metropolitan area, with our volunteers picking up their assigned young person to engage with them in the community.

Operating out of YMCA HQ, the program’s administration occurs at 60a Frame Court in Leederville.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved as a young person or volunteer in YMentoring, or know somebody who might be, email us on ymentoring@ymcawa.org.au or call on (08) 9227 0479.

What will I gain from getting involved?

The program promotes long-lasting friendships and allows young people to interact with adults outside of their family circle and school environment. For young people, having someone older to hang out with can assist in increasing their self-esteem, setting achievable goals, and improving their confidence. YMentoring offers young people the chance to build on their support network and feel reinforced with the path they take.

Hear from one of our Mentors:

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew I wanted to commit to volunteering. I didn’t expect to learn as much from my Mentee as she learned from me, I didn’t expect such a fun and natural friendship to form so quickly, I didn’t expect such a warm reception from all of her siblings and I didn’t expect to laugh as much and have as much fun as I did this past year. My Mentee has become a part of my life and I am grateful for that. Having a friendship with a young person has made me happier and more easy going.

Erika, YMentoring Volunteer Mentor.

Hear from the parent of a young person in the program:

I wanted to say WOW and thank you so much. John* was such a good choice for Lachlan* - they just seem to have a connection. They have so much fun together and really enjoy each other’s company…The benefits of Lachlan having a supportive male around on a regular basis are immeasurable. This program has been a true gift and we feel very blessed. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity - I am truly grateful.

*names have been changed.

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