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YChats aims to give young people a platform to share their voice, their stories, thoughts, opinions and experiences, and learn about the important topics that interest us. New episodes are released monthly, available on Spotify, iTunes, Libsyn, or wherever listeners access their podcasts.

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We want to hear YOUR stories! Drop us a message on socials or email us at marketing@ymcawa.org.au if you have a story to share or a topic you want to learn more about.

YChats is back in 2023!

YChats is a project of the Y WA Youth Advisory Committee. This powerhouse team of incredible young people are working to bring you episodes on all the important topics, and answer young people's burning questions.

Why do we need youth voice?

What's it like working in the music industry?

What is up with Australia's education system?

Tune in now as we explore these topics and more!

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