Congratulations to our Morley team for being shortlisted! Read about their amazing achievement in this article...

Health and Wellness

YMCA Morley Sport and Recreation Centre have been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2019 Australian Fitness Awards for Quality Accredited Fitness Business of the Year! The team at Morley are so excited to make the list, read more to see what they have to say. 

YMCA Morley Team (Left to right): Shelley Hall, Lorena Townsend, Hayley Morich, Lee Lazarus, Mary Bonnar and Rhonda Watson.

Photo Credit: Kristie Lim / Community News


Earlier this year, YMCA Morley Sport and Recreation Centre became the first business is Western Australia to attain quality business accreditation with Fitness Australia.

The centre runs a number of fitness classes for people of all ages and abilities, including Fit Y's, Zumba, group fitness classes and Konga for those wanting to increase fitness and strengths. The centre also provides classes for children, teens and adults for activities across dance, sport, gym and art.

Health Club Coordinator Shelley Hall recently spoke to Eastern Reporter newspaper in regards to the nomination, exclaiming the YMCA team felt proud of becoming a finalist and thanked former manager David for applying for the award. 

“It feels great to know that we are regarded as being up there with other quality businesses, and it’s exciting that a not-for-profit organisation that helps people globally can also be recognised as a contender for such a great award,” she said.

Winners will be announced at an event in Sydney on April 11.

Congratulation again Morley team!

The Eastern Reporter, Community News article can be found here for more information.