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Inside Our Minds


Driven by personal experience and a passion around mental health, Martin Johnson, Y WA Change Agent sat down with seven young Australians from Headspace to discuss their mental health experiences, personal challenges and how they could reduce the stigma.


Through these important conversations, ‘Inside Our Minds’, a series of short films, was launched in its second year during Mental Health Week in October, featuring these young people speaking out and ultimately letting other young people know they aren’t alone on their mental health journey and there is help out there for them.


Annas, one of the young people interviewed felt his mental health makes him feel like a burden, with stigmas as a male with mental health problems meant he was not ‘man enough’. Annas said “It’s okay not to be okay, just remember to speak up.”


You can watch the videos here on our YouTube channel.


Fearless Females


Channelling her inner fearlessness, Natalie Woloszyn, believes it’s important for all women to feel stronger independence and more powerful in society – now and moving forward into the future. By conducting a focus group at Y’s youth hub HQ, Natalie spoke to a handful of young women about challenges and aspirations in their personal and professional life.


Taking on the feedback from the group Fearless Females blossomed to life, an inclusive online platform for young women to connect digitally, hear from super inspirational women, and feel empowered through positive and relatable content.


When asked why she wanted to create Fearless Females, Natalie said, “It may sound cliché, but empowered women, empower other women. I wanted a platform to create a community of young women to lift each other up, be kind, liberated and empowered. There’s nothing more inspiring than to hear from another woman how she overcame stereotypical challenges!”


Check out Fearless Females here.

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