Little Tags Make a Big Impact!

Child Care

YMCA Bunbury Early Learning Centre (ELC) children are bread-y to make an impact! The centre has become an official Bread Tag Collection Centre for Bread Tags for Wheelchairs, were bread tags are collected, sent away and recycled in exchange for wheelchairs for those in need in South Africa.

The idea came into action when the pedagogical leader at YMCA Bunbury was researching ways how the centre, and those who attend, could become more involved within the community.

The collection point was implemented with a jar at the front desk as well as the centre’s kitchen to ensure they are actively collecting the tags.

Caitlin Garner, Centre Director, said “We weren’t sure how the idea was going to take off, but it did! In just two months, we’ve collected so many tags and the response has been fantastic, and for such a wholesome cause. The children just love being able to help by popping them in the jars.”

Not only has the community actively participated but it also has encouraged families at our centre and the Bunbury community to reduce their environmental footprint by recycling.

Ty, a child from the Pre-Kindy room donated a large jar of bread tags was asked by the Centre Director if he knew why YMCA was collecting bread tags his response was “Yeah. To make wheelchairs”. Extending the conversation further the Centre Director added “To help people”. Ty agreed responding “Yeah!” with a smile on his face. 

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