Meet Ed, Our Oldest Member at YMCA Serpentine Jarrahdale

Health and Wellness

Never one to be held back, despite continuing to battle cancer from 2017, Ed first became involved with YMCA Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Recreation Centre five years ago when he started an annual seniors’ concert, which has grown to having 60-80 seniors involved each year. 

Currently at 83 years young, Ed is a dedicated gym member at the Y, training one to three times a week. Unfortunately, three years ago, Ed was diagnosed with bowel and prostate cancer, undergoing chemo and radiation. Ed decided to turn his life around and not let this stop him from visiting the gym and changing his diet.

“I believe the gym made me strong enough to get through that time of my life” said Ed.

Few years on, Ed is still battling cancer, continuing with his fitness regime as it’s a way of life and great way to socialise with the community.

“I love coming to the Y, there’s a great crew here and everyone is very friendly. This centre has a big impact to those who come here” said Ed.

Above: Ed working out at YMCA Serpentine Jarrahdale Gym