More than just a recreation centre: YMCA Kalgoorlie’s new performing arts program


Traditionally, sport and recreation centres offer mostly that; sport programs and recreation facilities. Not this one, though. Courtesy of program creator and instructor Rosi Tahan, YMCA WA Kalgoorlie has introduced a new program called YPAC; YMCA Performing Arts Club.

Vastly different from competing services, YMCA WA Kalgoorlie has introduced the program for 5-14 year olds to accommodate an audience that isn’t otherwise catered for.

“For us it’s good to be getting out to those kids in the community who we haven’t been able to reach before,” YMCA WA Kalgoorlie Term Programs Coordinator Julie Beeson said. 

“This enables us to target different likes – there are so many kids in the town who may not like athletics, they may be artistic children and there aren’t really many programs around for that genre.”

With the next intake starting on June 1st, the ten-week bi-weekly term program teaches children dancing, singing and acting while helping build self-confidence, teamwork skills and the discipline required to put on a performance.

“I love my program and I believe in the power of transforming a child's life by teaching those skills they can value for the rest of their lives. I use the performing arts as the instrument to achieve that goal,” creator Rosi Tahan said.

Rosi added: “I believe YPAC is a family where all members feel they belong without being bullied or judged - I constantly receive comments from the parents about how YPAC has helped their children to become confident and in not being afraid of who they are.”

Rosi combined with last term’s group of 25 children for everyone to contribute ideas, write the script for the performance, rehearse the roles, and help the actors learn their lines and dance moves.

The performance was showcased at the end of term concert, which is the way each term program is concluded.

The program cost for the 10 weeks is $190, with participants attending twice per week and having the luxury of choosing their own combination of days from Mondays to Thursdays.

For more information or to enrol in the fantastic program, contact the centre on (08) 9021 1035 or email

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