Our innovative School ReadY Program spotlighted at the DSF Conference


On Thursday March 21, our Mission Impact Lead, Kirsten Flint, took the stage at the DSF Language, Literacy and Learning Conference as a spokesperson for our innovative School ReadY Program.

The DSF Conference, renowned for providing a platform for educators and practitioners to explore current research and evidence-informed teaching and intervention methods, served as the perfect backdrop for unveiling the strengths of the School ReadY Program.

Kirsten's presentation not only highlighted the innovative approach and evaluation of our program but also underscored its pivotal role in advancing education.  

By emphasising strengths-based methodologies and holistic development, Kirsten eloquently showcased how the program is strategically designed to bridge educational gaps and foster motivated and engaged young people in our community.

This moment underscores our unwavering commitment to closing the educational gap and making meaningful strides towards inclusive education.

Kirsten emphasised our dedication to empowering young people to flourish.

She said, “The Y WA is wholly focused on delivering initiatives that support young people to flourish. Our programs create the conditions for young people to become increasingly independent, and to grow their capacity to contribute to their community”.

Kirsten's presentation resonated deeply within the organisation and leaders expressed immense pride in her remarkable contribution. As we continue to champion innovative approaches in education, Kirsten's advocacy at the DSF Conference stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering a brighter future for young learners.

Category: General, Youth, Child Care