Survey says... Young People in Narrogin want to be heard!


Following a commitment to resource a youth program in Narrogin, YMCA WA, in conjunction with the Shire, conducted a Youth Survey to have the needs and wants of young people in the area understood, in order to create suitable programs.

There was an incredible uptake with almost 300 young people aged 9-25 completing the survey; 20 per cent being indigenous and 21 percent speaking another language.

The results highlight the young people’s perception of their environment, engagement and social life, as well as suggestions to improve their situation and create further opportunities for young people in Narrogin.

More than half of the respondents felt school pressure, bullying and boredom were prominent issues but 49 per cent of respondents were satisfied and strongly positive in their feedback. 

Backed by this data, Tia Sandhu, YMCA Narrogin Regional Leisure Centre Manager, can now develop long term strategies to engage youth in the region, which will shift the Centre towards a community hub model. This includes establishing a Youth Advisory Group and developing a mechanism that enables young people to contribute and influence Council decisions, strategies and plans.