The Y’s First Vocational School


For the Y, school doesn’t stand alone in a young person’s learning journey. That’s why by February 2022, there will be a brand-new Curriculum in Re-engagement in Education (CARE) school in WA, changing the way young people can learn. 

Many young people in WA struggle with being part of the mainstream secondary education system and are considered to be at an educational risk of disengaging by the Department of Education.

The Y WA is a preventative youth organisation that seeks to empower young people through professional youth work relationships to develop increased resilience, self-esteem, knowledge, skills, wellbeing and a voice in their community in facilitated, fun, welcoming, safe, and supportive environments, resulting in smoother transitions to adulthood. Our work is guided by our tertiary endorsed best practice Approach to Youth Work.

As part of our youth work, the Y will open a new school in February 2022 for disengaged Year 10-12 students who want to finish their education. The Y Vocational School will be located in Mirrabooka and at full capacity will cater for 100 students. Each mixed year class of 20 will have both a teacher and a youth worker, providing each young person with the support and attention they need to support their wellbeing and re-engage in education. Each student will have a custom Individual Education Plan, carefully designed to best support and assist them with achieving their specific goals for the future.

The Y Vocational School is an integral part of the Y’s Approach to Youth Work, and outside of school hours the site will also serve as a community youth hub to be used by the Y and other youth services for the benefit of all young people in the community.

While this is a new initiative for the Y in WA, in Brisbane the Y has been running successful vocational schools for ten years, and this expertise will support the development of our school in WA. Across Australia less than 30% of students at Educational Risk graduate Year 12. In 2019 71% of the students at the Y Brisbane Vocational Schools either graduated Year 12 or moved into employment or further training.

Any young person at Educational Risk looking for a supportive, dynamic educational environment is welcome to apply for 2022, so keep your eye peeled for updates in the coming months on how to be one of the first to experience the Y Vocational School.

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