The Y's Lee-Anne Ugle wins Citizen of the Year Award


"The real heroes are the young people we work with. They are the reason we do the work we do and why we're so passionate!"

She’s done it again! Our Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) Coordinator Lee-Anne Ugle has just won the Shire of East Pilbara's Citizen of the Year Award and we could not be more proud of her!

After seeing the inequality many children and young people experience in Newman, Lee-Anne threw herself into her RSAS Coordinator role, with a vision to improve the lives of countless young people, and build a strong, happy community.

Outside of work Lee-Anne volunteers her own time to support young people and even set about campaigning and lobbying companies, local government, and other organisations to encourage them to work with her to set up a local committee that seeks to improve the outcomes, support, and community engagement for at risk young people in Newman.

However, not content with just this, Lee-Anne has also created various youth outreach programs that offer a safe space for all young people.

Her impact on the community is tangible, with an increase in school attendance and engagement with outreach programs across the board.

Mark Furr, the Y WA General Manager Youth Community & Leisure explained “I am so proud of Lee-Anne. She hates being in the spotlight but so deserves to be! She has had such a positive impact on the young people of Newman- it’s so inspiring!”

CEO, Dr Tim McDonald, confirmed “I’d like to thank Lee-Anne for her dedication and commitment to our mission to provide opportunities for young people to grow in body, mind, and spirit and our belief in the power of inspired young people- it’s because of people like her that the Y is still relevant and thriving after 175 years!”.

This win comes just months after scooping up the Y Australia Staff Member of the Year Award and her nominations for the Newman Business Award and Youth Worker of the Year.

Consequently, although very humble and unassuming, Lee-Anne is a trusted, well-respected ambassador and advocate for the young people of Newman. Her vision to see equity and empowerment for all young people in Newman is certainly a lot closer to reality for the Newman community thanks to her dedication and drive.

Congratulations and thank you Lee-Anne!

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