We’re Going on the Kokoda Trek!


Over the past few months, we have been busy getting ready for Kokoda 2024. 

In May, Lee from Kokoda Courage and Y WA CEO Dr Tim McDonald hit the road to spread the word and gather applications. They visited Kalgoorlie, Newman, and even closer to home at the Base@Belmont and the YSchool, sharing their experiences and sparking enthusiasm for the program. 

We also launched a targeted promotion, calling on all Y staff and alumni young people to apply as Trek Mentors. Our efforts were met with resounding success, as we received a wave of applicants from both Y staff and previous participants, all eager to make a positive impact in the lives of our youth. 

Now, after much anticipation and careful consideration, we’re thrilled to announce our selected staff and young mentors! 


Y Staff: 

Emma Stewart 

Sammi Ryder 

Natalie Piuk 

Kevin Jackson 

David Benallack 

Youth Mentors: 

⭐Zaquis Polak 

⭐Shyanne Walker 

⭐ Jacquyn Butt 

⭐ Nita Binhitam

Participants were also announced by our CEO Dr Tim McDonald - view the video here!

We have also shortlisted a remarkable group of 22 young people, from diverse backgrounds spanning Youth Metro, the Y School, Kalgoorlie Youth Services, and the Newman Education, Engagement, and Attendance Initiative. Their diversity reflects the rich tapestry of our Y family, all dedicated to supporting young people to flourish.  

Thank you to all applicants for their interest and enthusiasm. While the selection process was rigorous, we appreciate you taking the time to apply and encourage you to reapply for Kokoda in future years.  

Moving forward, our focus shifts to onboarding the selected participants and mentors for the adventure ahead. From handling passport applications to organising camp logistics for our inaugural camp in July, every step brings us closer to Kokoda.  

Together, let's embrace the transformative journey, fostering personal development and resilience among our youth participants. While also making memories that will last a lifetime! 

We look forward to keeping you updated every step of the way. 

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