YMCA Kalgoorlie launch Community Matters project with cultural mural


YMCA Kalgoorlie is proud to announce the launch of their new project: Community Matters, which focuses on portraying multiculturalism in the community through a visually appealing and inviting mural.

The official unveiling took place on Friday, after the hardworking team applied the finishing touches to the stunning artwork.

 “We’ve had YMCA staff members involved to assist with the coordination side of it, but we’ve had young people from within the community and the Behaviour Centre, as well as within the Brighter Futures Program to bring it together,” Centre Manager Terrence Winner said.

“The project has been titled ‘Community Matters’ because the whole point of it is celebrating diversity in the community and symbolising that together we form a part of the community.”

The project came about off the back of Youth and Community Coordinator Danny Ireland’s recent work with a number of community groups – including the Behaviour Centre and the local high school. Danny has brought these groups together to enable a diverse group of young people to contribute to the amazing piece of art.

With the local community on board, the opportunity arose for YMCA Kalgoorlie to have a YMCA staff member up from Perth with a background in art, to help bring the project to life.

“Once we decided we should do a mural to emphasise the multiculturalism of the community, as well as to allow people to express what community means to them and how they can push it out, we got Amy Prince up from Perth,” Terrance said.

“Amy came to coordinate the project and involve kids from within the community and help paint the mural,” he added.

With all cultures being symbolised on the incredible piece of art positioned upstairs at YMCA Kalgoorlie, the mural will only help to exemplify the values of the centre, and emphasise it really is a place for everyone.

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