YMCA WA Appoints Young CEO for the Day


Alannah Hall, 19, has been appointed CEO of YMCA WA for March 31, 2017 – marking the beginning of National Youth Week.

On this day YMCAs right around Australia, including YMCA WA, will be led by young people aged between 18 and 30. The YMCA Young CEO for the Day initiative reflects the organisation’s belief in the power of inspired young people to positively impact communities both locally and globally.

As YMCA WA’s Young CEO for the day, Alannah will have the opportunity to raise an issue she’s passionate about and use the organisation’s networks and operations to create positive change in the community.

“I’m definitely excited; excited because I have the opportunity to meet with so many successful, inspiring professionals who have a connection to the Y which is fantastic - I’m really grateful for the opportunity,” Alannah said.

“Firstly I want to touch on mental health issues because I think that’s very important as it’s so prevalent for so many young people. Secondly I’d like to address homelessness in the community but especially within youth, and thirdly I’ll be discussing drug and alcohol abuse in young people.”

YMCA WA CEO Ross Kyrwood said: “We are really excited about having Alannah as our CEO for the Day and I’m really looking forward to taking a back seat for the day, listening hard to what the young people of our YMCA and the local community tell me is important to them, and helping them take action.”

YMCA WA provides a range of programs and services for the entire community, including specific opportunities for young people from our 18-25s program at The Base @ Belmont, to YMentoring, and all events and programs run at YMCA HQ. With 35% of YMCA WA’s workforce under the age of 30, the YMCA also provides employment and training opportunities for young people passionate about making a positive difference.

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