Youth bring inspiration to annual YMCA WA board and executive meeting


On Friday 16 March, the YMCA WA Board and Executive members invited a delegation of young people to help guide their thinking as part of their strategic planning for the coming year.

Guest speakers included Amberley Bradley, winner of YMCA HQ’s ‘Pitch Please 2017’ event; Brady Flockart, director of future entrepreneurs at Bloom and co-founder of tech start-up ‘Idle’; Alex Bevilaqua, tall, right-arm fast bowler of Western Warriors; and Elizabeth Knight, director of inspiration and engagement at Bloom.


The evening started with an informal gathering in YMCA HQ’s art-filled courtyard, followed by an open conversation in which the speakers discussed what inspires young people.


Young people are looking for empowerment and ownership. They look for the opportunity to try new things and have a strong desire to be part of something that connects them to a higher purpose.


Justin Eve, YMCA WA President, reiterated the importance of the annual meeting.


“Tonight reminds us of the importance of collaborating strongly with the young people we are here for by not only considering them but involving them in all we do.”


YMCA WA is always working towards meeting the needs of young people and understanding what motivates the youth of today is key to achieving the YMCA mission.


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