Lake Gwelup Before and after School Hours Care

The service is located on site at Lake Gwelup Primary School and provides care for up to 39 children every day.

Children can play, relax and even finish their homework in the safety of the YMCA’s before and after school care centres.

Supporting families and their children in a fun and stimulating environment is all part of our before and after school care that caters for children in Kindergarten through to the age of 12.

Your children will be cared for in an environment where we take responsibility in helping school-aged children meet their emotional and educational needs.

They will hang out with their friends and meet new friends which will help develop the social skills that come from sharing a meal together or playing a game.

Hours of Operation

  • Before School Care: 7.00am until school starts
  • After School: school finishes until 6.00pm
  • Supervisors are able to be contacted from 1.00pm in the afternoon

Our Staff

All YMCA before and after school centres are staffed by qualified and experienced professionals who receive regular industry training.

Fees and Rebates

  • All eligible families will receive the Government's Child Care Subsidy package (CCS).
  • Before School Care permanent bookings $26.00 per day, casual bookings $29.00 per day.
  • After School Care permanent bookings $39.00 per day, casual bookings $41.00 per day.
  • School Holiday Program Early Bird bookings $85.00 per day, Casual $90.00 per day.
  • Pupil free day $85.00 

A Typical Day for your child

Before School

Breakfast offered to all children, regardless of what time they arrive

  • Flexible and relaxed atmosphere as we help children prepare their minds and bodies for the school day
  • Inside and outside activities available and dependent on the personalities of the children and how they like to approach their mornings before heading to school

After School

  • Afternoon tea provided to re-energise children after school
  • Homework club with qualified staff members on hand to help
  • Structured and planned yet flexible activities are offered to help meet the physical, educational and emotional needs of children coming home from school

Above and Beyond

Don’t want your kids to miss out? Neither do we! If your children are at a school-based centre and want to take part in out-of-hours activities being held on school grounds, our staff will gladly escort them and return them to the YMCA centre afterwards.

Our staff love hanging out with your kids and enjoy being a part of their lives. So much so they will walk new or shy kids to their classrooms or even attend an assembly to watch children receive merit awards. They are also so engaged in the community that they regularly offer their help at school sports carnivals.

We send out a newsletter at the end of each term to their families to keep them up-to-date with what is happening at the centre and in their local community.


  • Our daughter Maddy attended Lake Gwelup YMCA before school care for 6 years, from Pre-Primary through to year 6 (when she decided she was too old to attend), and occasionally Vacation Care. The carers changed throughout that time but the quality of care provided never did. The staff have always been friendly and helpful creating an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie with the children. The level of professionalism and skill base always made me feel extremely comfortable leaving one of my most precious possessions in their capable hands. Nothing was ever too much trouble and at times when ad hoc care was required we were always accommodated. I would like to say a big thank you to all the carers over the years for your help and dedication without which it would have been extremely difficult for my husband and me to pursue our careers in the manner we have been able to, without having to worry about child care. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback for a service that has assisted us so well.
  • My daughter has attended Lake Gwelup YMCA after school and Vacation Care for the past five years and we have experienced nothing but an excellent and professional service. I feel secure in the knowledge that my child is being cared for in a safe and caring environment. My hours are often unpredictable and Mark is so understanding, accommodating and takes a lot of the stress out of being a working mum! I don't have to worry about my daughter at the end of the school day. I would like to sincerely thank the team at Lake Gwelup for everything they do for our family. They are amazing!
  • My children, Henry 7 and Charlotte 6, have been attending YMCA at Lake Gwelup Primary for around 18 months. They are always very happy to attend, have made a lot of other friends at after school care, and are always smiling when I collect them. They are also more than happy to attend the holiday club if I am working. Mark and Caroline and the team at Lake Gwelup come highly recommended! Smiles all round!


Lake Gwelup Primary School
59 Porter Street, Lake Gwelup, WA 6018

Opening Hours

Before School: 7:00am - school starts
After School: School finishes - 6:00pm
Monday to Friday
Supervisor contactable from 1.00pm

Contact Information

Service Phone: 0410 229 137
Booking & Enrolment enquiries: 08 9473 8407 or 08 9473 8402


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