At YMCA WA we are proud to offer the services of our safe and colourful crèche, run by our highly experienced and qualified staff members at a number of our recreation centres.

With the unwavering assurance your child is in great hands, our service provides children with an enjoyable, caring and trusting environment, while you spend time at our centre becoming a happier, healthier you.

All children are fully supervised at all times with their wellbeing and safety being our greatest priority, and the amount of fun they’ll have taking part in a variety of stimulating games, art and crafts and free play will make them love the crèche as much as you do!

Why we offer crèche

At YMCA WA we offer a quality crèche service to allow parents to feel confident in the care their child is receiving. Our safe, healthy and welcoming environments create opportunities to experience positive social interactions with other children and adults. We want all parents to feel relaxed and at ease while they use our centres, knowing their little one is in the best capable hands.

How old must children be to use our crèche?

Our crèche staff are qualified and experienced in caring for children between the ages of 6 months to 10 years. All children’s whereabouts and activities will be monitored at all times to make sure they’re in the safest and most supportive environment possible.

How long can children stay in the crèche for?

Each of our recreation centres have varying stay lengths, but generally children can stay in the crèche from anywhere between half an hour to three hours.

What do I need to bring when my child uses the crèche?

Please make sure your child brings a labelled water bottle to ensure they’re able to keep hydrated while they’re playing in our crèche. If you forget we will of course accommodate, but we encourage you to bring your child’s preferred water bottle with them.

Parents should also bring;

  • Nappies if needed or training pants if toilet training
  • Change of clothes—suitable for climatic conditions
  • Appropriate foot wear
  • Wide brimmed or legionnaire style hat – for sun protection or a winter beanie
  • Jacket / jumper for cooler weather
  • Bottles / formula if required (enough made up for the day)
  • Water only in their drink bottle

Whether you’re diving into one of our pools for some laps, joining a group fitness class or heading to one of our gyms, you can capitalise on our wonderful crèches at the following locations;

For centre specific information on opening hours, pricing, crèche memberships and enrolments, visit the above pages for your nearest service.