The Y School ReadY Program

At the Y's ELCs, our School ReadY program draws on leading research into how children's brains develop and learn in early childhood to deliver impactful learning experiences for our children.

At Y WA Early Learning Centres (ELCs), our School ReadY program draws on the science of early childhood development to help children achieve competency in key developmental domains. The School ReadY program covers these essential domains to give children the best chance of success upon entering school and beyond.

The first five years of a child’s life are vital for developing knowledge and skills in early literacy and language, social and emotional wellbeing, and numeracy. By addressing these domains, the School ReadY program lays a strong foundation for learning that is crucial for future educational success and positive outcomes for quality of life in the long term.

The School ReadY program is delivered across all Y WA ELC services. Through evidence-based practice, our trained educators provide opportunities for children to engage in developmentally appropriate, play-based activities and intentional teaching, including the use of high-quality resources and children’s literature.

Set your child up to be ReadY for school, and ReadY for life at a Y WA ELC!