Early Learning Centres (ELCs)

At YMCA WA ELC's, we are dedicated to inspiring and nurturing children to become independent in a real world environment.

Important COVID-19 Information

All centres are open and operating business as usual, offering care for children of both essential and non-essential workers. 

We continue to practise social distancing and hand hygiene and ask that you do the same as per government health directives.

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Our Approach to Learning

  • Who is the child? Understanding each and every child is vital to our educators
  • The environment is the third teacher- (in partnership with parents and educators) we teach the children that learning can happen anywhere.
  • Relationships- We put high importance on building relationships with the children, families, the community and the local schools. We listen to the children and build trust.
  • Making learning visible- Children have individual portfolios that uncover the processes they have been involved in and how they have used their environment to learn. Portfolios can include conversational records to reflect the child's inquisitive nature.

What we do differently

  • We simulate real world environments which allows children to escape a ‘plastic’ world. At YMCA Early Learning Centres our children use real cutlery at sit down meals
  • We believe in risk versus challenge. We will not put your children in danger, but we want to encourage them to explore and teach them to be adaptable to their environment
  • Spontaneity is embraced and our relationships with the children mean we can adapt any day to suit their needs and desires
  • Children are exposed to activities such as woodwork, where we use real tools
  • Our home corners are more home-like and realistic

Safeguarding your children

At the YMCA we have an unwavering focus and commitment to safeguarding children. That is why the Y is independently reviewed by the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) to ensure our services are safe for all children and young people and have a strong Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Procedures.

Our commitment to our families, our community and our schools is that we will:

  • Protect each child from harm
  • Make supervision our Number 1 priority
  • Ensure children are cared for in a safe environment

Our Environment

We utilise our environment to bring the children closer to it and to understand it and discover what it can offer. One minute the children will be playing with sticks and dirt in the nature play area, the next they will be making a structure from them. We use every aspect of nature as a teaching resource.

Our Staff

At the YMCA our Early Learning staff love what they do.

They are fully-accredited and receive ongoing industry training to ensure they are kept up to date with modern teaching and early childhood education and care practices.

Parent Resource Library

Looking for inspiration or guidance? Check out our Parent Resource Library page for recipes used at our centres, top tips on tackling challenges and difficult situations with your child, and more.

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