In Home Care

What is In Home Care?

YMCA WA In Home Care is a unique, flexible form of child care where the care of your child is provided in the safety and comfort of your home by an approved Educator. In Home Care is an excellent option when main stream child care services do not meet the individual family’s needs or is not accessible at all. To be eligible to access In Home Care, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • The child has or lives with another child who has an illness or disability.
  • The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) has an illness or disability that affects their ability to care for the child.
  • The child lives in a rural or remote area.
  • The work hours of the child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) are hours when no other approved child care service is available.
  • The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) is caring for three or more children who have not yet started school, not including kindy.

In Home Care gives families the advantage of the children being able to remain in familiar surroundings, with siblings and familiar routines. Educators can ensure your children are able to continue to be involved with activities such as sporting commitments after school. YMCA In Home Care has made a commitment to best practice for families and Educators, ensuring children have access to premium quality child care. Educators receive access to the latest information and support is offered by qualified professionals.

In Home Care combats the isolation felt by families who would be otherwise unable to access quality child care. In Home Care allows families to access Centrelink Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. Download the Centrelink Fee Assistance Information below to find out more.

Where is In Home Care located?

We currently have In Home Care available in the south west Region. However new locations may be available in the metro and Pilbara in the future.

  Area     Name     Mobile  
Australind Kristie Vander Wielen 0419 046 636
Australind  Belinda Farley 0408 090 044
Busselton Jodie Holland 0407 129 508
Busselton Katelyn Adams 0437 470 729
Busselton  Ruth Adams 0428 731 668
Busselton  Janine Clayton 0417 966 398
Capel Jenny Mclymont 0409 005 180
Dalyellup Kate Bransen  0474 131 141
Dunsborough Lisa Bentley 0410 143 127
Karratha Marie Stone 0402 521 711
Margaret River Kelly Ladner 0422 195 304
Pelican Point Denise Grundlingh 0403 412 415
Pemberton Silvina Bertoni 0457 246 989
Port Kennedy Ursula Kimberley 0405 053 784
West Busselton Cheryl Mazure 0409 372 888

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