Are you ready to celebrate? In YMCA’s landmark anniversary year, YMCA175 is harnessing the energy, creative vision and solution-focused approach of thousands of young leaders drawn from more than 100 countries across six continents of the world.

YMCAs across Australia want to see as many of our young and young at heart people attending YMCA175. This is how you can get there!



Where and when is YMCA175?

YMCA175 will take place at ExCeL London for four dynamic days from 4 to 8 August 2019.


Who can come?

YMCA175 is aimed at young leaders aged 16 to 35. The program will provide opportunities for all delegates to engage, with the event open to all young people, those young at heart and people at every level of YMCA including staff and past and present volunteers. 


How can YMCA WA help me get there?

We are yet to release further details. However, in the meantime contact YMCA WA via email and we will be in touch to discuss.


I’ve sent my Expression of Interest. When will I find out if I am successful?

Applicants should be advised of the outcome of their application by the end of February 2019. This date may change.


I’ve heard that national YMCA associations are encouraged to put forward ideas for presentations at YMCA175. What topics have currently been proposed?

The YMCA175 program of events will include presentations and sessions that align with World YMCA’s strategic pillars of issues that matter to young people globally:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Economic Growth

The YMCA175 Australia Working Group have currently put forward the following topics:

  • Youth Parliament Program 
  • mYnd-pump and YMCA Uplift programs
  • YMCA Global Study – this is a unique social enterprise program in Australia that seeks to provide young people with opportunities to complement their existing studies through an international course or courses, providing growth in skills, capabilities and connection globally.
  • Youth for Causes is a six-month immersion into the world of social enterprise, where teams of young people aged 15-17 years have the opportunity to get an enterprise idea off the ground for a social or environmental cause they care about. 


What if I have an idea for a presentation at YMCA175?

The YMCA175 Working Group would like to invite you to put forward any proposals you believe may complement the below themes for YMCA175, align with our intent to bring our belief to life and increase the agency and voice of young people.

  • Civic Engagement
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Economic Growth

Please contact a member of the YMCA175 Working Group – their contact details are available at the end of this FAQ.

Presentation ideas must be submitted by 24 January 2019.


If my application is successful, will there be time for sightseeing? Can I extend my trip?

The conference program is currently not finalised and so we are unsure at this point how much sightseeing time has been allocated during the event.

If you are keen to sightsee before or after the conference, you will need to seek approval of leave from your manager and any arrangements outside of the official event times will be at your own expense.


Can I register myself and personally pay in full directly through 

It is important that all delegates first seek approval or endorsement from their local Association before registering directly through

If you do receive approval from your manager to do this and are fully funding your attendance at YMCA175, please let the YMCA175 Working Group know so we can ensure you are included in the Australian delegation.


Where can I find out more about YMCA175?

You can find out more at and see more about registration costs. 


Who are the members of the YMCA175 Working Group?

Ross Kyrwood


Jacki Whitwell

YMCA Australia

Bree Godden


Ang Cuy

YMCA Victoria

Emily Greco

YMCA Belief Council

Georgie Nichol

YMCA Australia

Jono Santamaria

YMCA Whittlesea

Jayden Parsons

YMCA Brisbane

Jamie Roberts

YMCA Bendigo

Laura Koh


Tom Stephenson

YMCA National Board

Michael Delaney

YMCA Victoria