Aspire has a sweep of programs that support young people in the Kalgoorlie area.

Heal Program

A free health, lifestyle and engagement program for 13 – 17 year old girls, which addresses key issues girls in that age bracket encounter in daily life (e.g. body image issues, nutrition, peer pressure etc). We also incorporate fitness elements into this program, along with a focus on confidence building. At the end of this program they do a ‘Heal Pamper Workshop’ where we get a whole range of providers come through and volunteer their time to do the girls’ nails, beauty, massage, hair – the whole works! It’s a celebration day for young girls as well as a chance to gain access to providers in the local community and assisting with obtaining new networking and support options

Mixed Youth Disability Engagement

MYDE aims to increase the health, fitness and overall wellbeing of students of attending Eastern Goldfields Education Support Centre and assist in developing active, healthy, confident members of the community.  The program also aims to develop community understanding of the challenges that people living with disability may encounter.


ASPIRE is able to be delivered free of charge to participants in the community courtesy of the Department of Communities and Local Government. The YMCA is incredibly grateful for this partnership as the program benefits the lives of countless young people every week and sees many fantastic results for everyone involved. 

How can we get in contact?

For more information on ASPIRE please contact YMCA Goldfields on (08) 9021 1035.