Better Choices

What is Better Choices?

This free program is set up on a similar model to the Battle of the Best program however it’s delivered in Coolgardie on Thursday nights, for the primary school and high school students.

The program has anywhere between 50-70 people attending each week, so it’s a really fun, interactive, social and supportive environment to be a part of.

Better Choices also runs in Kalgoorlie on Friday nights and with a number of different youth groups coming to attend, we’re really proud of the diversity we offer, with people from all walks of life coming together at the Y.

Some of the fun activities you'll find at Better Choices include but are not limited to; gaming nights, boxing ‘championship belt’ nights, scavenger hunts and incorporating our local activities like rock climbing.

Where is this program offered?

Better Choices is delivered in Coolgardie on Thursday nights and in Kalgoorlie on Friday nights. 


Better Choices is able to be delivered free of charge to participants in the community courtesy of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. The YMCA is incredibly grateful for this partnership as the program benefits the lives of countless young people every week and sees many fantastic results for everyone involved. 

How can we get in contact?

For more information on Better Choices please contact YMCA Goldfields on (08) 9021 1035.